• Supplements For Brain: The Nootropics

    Supplements For Brain: The Nootropics

    The Human Brain is considered as the most mysterious but widely researched organ of the body. But it still remains an enigma as the scientists have not yet fully understood its functioning. Discovery Of Family Of “Smart Drugs” It is since the year 1950 that the field of neuroscience has made very many discoveries that we can use to improve our memory, focus, alertness, and general cognitive abilities. Coming together of these discoveries led to the birth of “nootropics,” a term coined by a Romanian doctor named CorneliuGiurgea in 1972. “The Nootropics can be defined as the natural and synthetic compounds that …
  • Health Benefits Of The Herb: Ginkgo Biloba

    Health Benefits Of The Herb: Ginkgo Biloba

    One of the oldest species of the tress on the planet also considered as the “living fossil”,Ginkgo biloba, has continued to survive even after major extinction events.It is also known as the maidenhair tree. These trees have very unique properties and are capable of growing more than 130 feet with a lifespan of over one thousand years. There are reports that say that there are trees in china that are as old as 2,500 years. The therapeutic properties of the plant are due to the presence of high levels of flavonoids andterpenoids, the antioxidants that provide protection against oxidative cell damage …
  • Floating Bodies, Exit Door in Java Sea Confirm Crash of the Missing Air Asia Flight QZ8501

    Floating Bodies, Exit Door in Java Sea Confirm Crash of the Missing Air Asia Flight QZ8501

    Prayers of family and friends of the passengers of the ill fated Air Asia flight number QZ8501 have not been answered. Indonesian officials have confirmed that they have spotted the debris of missing Air Asia Airbus 320 that was flying from Indonesia to Singapore carrying 162 people onboard. These included floating bodies of passengers and the exit door of the plane. The search and rescue team also saw a long shadow in the waters of the Java Sea that they think is of the missing aircraft.  This brings to an end to the hopes of people across the globe for …
  • Precursors for egg and sperms created using human embryonic stem cells

    Precursors for egg and sperms created using human embryonic stem cells

    In the past, by using the rodent stem cells the researchers had created precursors to egg and sperm called primordial germ cells. But in a recent development the scientists from the University of Cambridge and the WeizmannInstitute,UK were successful in making these primordial germ cells by using human embryonic stem cells and adult human skin cells. The green cells in this image of an embryoid are SOX17 positive. “According to research, the gene called SOX17 plays an important role in transforming human stem cells into PGCs.” The new advancement opens the door for new treatments for fertility and age-related diseases as …
  • MS Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket

    MS Dhoni Retires from Test Cricket

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most successful cricket captain of India in all three formats of the game has announced his retirement from test cricket with immediate effect. This comes as a surprise to many of his fans as he has retired in the midst of the ongoing series with Australia. The third test ended in a draw and so India has lost this test series. But the bigger news of course is the retirement of Dhoni as no one expected him to go abruptly in such a manner. According to a press release from BCCI, Dhoni has taken retirement as …

Many Measures have been Taken to Increase Investments

According to the economic survey and also the Mid Year Economic Analysis (MYEA), it is very important to increase investments in economy to increase the rate of development. The ratio of investments to the gross domestic product of the country in the year 2012-13 at current market value was 34.8%. This statistic is available only till 2012-13. The rate of growth of GDP in the year 20113-14 at constant prices and factor cost was 4.7%. In the first half of the current year (2014-15), this growth has been 5.5%.

String of measures taken to give a fillip  to economy

To bring back investment on rails and also to increase its speed, many steps have been taken in the central budget for the year. Some of the measures taken in this direction include strengthening financial health, stress on reforms related to expenditure, making tax regime progressive and more reasonable, giving attention to industries and basic infrastructure, taking concretes measure in the fields of electricity and transport, and to encourage more foreign direct investment in certain sectors of the economy. On the other hand, stress on ‘Make in India’ slogan across the globe is to catch the attention of investors in different parts of the world so that they are motivated to invest in Indian economy.  The main objective of this Make in India initiative is to introduce India as a very attractive destination for investment. It also aims to present India as a hub for designing and manufacturing. It is being hoped that this will make it easier for foreign companies to do business in India.  The quality of basic infrastructure relates services would go up and India would come up as an attractive investment destination.

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