• Omar Abdullah Meets Top BJP leaders, Sparks Rumors about a Possible BJP-NC Government in J&K

    Omar Abdullah Meets Top BJP leaders, Sparks Rumors about a Possible BJP-NC Government in J&K

    The results of the recently held assembly elections in the state of J&K have thrown up a hung assembly with no party getting a clear majority on its own. While PDP has emerged as the single largest party with 28 seats, BJP is not far off with 25 seats. The ruling NC has not been decimated and it has performed credibly securing 15 seats in the 87 seat J&K assembly. Even Congress that was completely written off by poll pundits has bagged 12 seats. With PDP not coming forward or disclosing its intentions, there is a lot of suspense over …
  • Message on Good Governance to the Nation from the Prime Minister

    Message on Good Governance to the Nation from the Prime Minister

    25 December is being observed as a Good Governance day by the Central Government. It is an attempt to make people aware of the initiatives taken by the government in this direction and to associate BJP with good governance. 25 December is also the birthday of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee who is remembered for his good governance. On this day, PM Modi has given a message to the people of the country to tell them about the policies and programs of the government that reflect good governance. Good governance Modi says that good governance or ‘Sushasana’ is the …
  • Dyslexia: A Learning Disability

    Dyslexia: A Learning Disability

    Albert Einstein, a physicist, a Nobel Prize winner for his services to theoretical physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect that later proved to be pivotal in establishing quantum theory was a “DYSLEXIC”. Dyslexia a gift!! Dyslexic people are highly creative, intuitive, and excel at three-dimensional problem solving and hands-on learning. Mind you, dyslexia is not linked to intelligence; people with severe dyslexia can be brilliant. It is a neurological and often a genetic condition which is certainly not the result of poor teaching, instruction or upbringing. Dyslexia a learning disability!! The problem in dyslexia is a linguistic …
  • Silicon Valley Looking Up to India to Create the Magic

    Silicon Valley Looking Up to India to Create the Magic

    Can India be the next destination to produce giant technology companies like Microsoft and Apple? A growing number of experts in Silicon Valley feel that this is very much possible.  A program to look for Indian tech companies producing gadgets and offering services to a global audience was initiated this week by an entrepreneur body’s Silicon Valley Chapter to find if these companies can go on to become billion dollar company or not. TIE aims to find Indian companies that can become huge in future This program has the aim to put spotlight on India to identify companies that have …
  • China on Road to Become the Military Superpower of the World

    China on Road to Become the Military Superpower of the World

    There are many times when important stories related to foreign policy or national security get overlooked or ignored. This was the case this year when the world did not notice how China was rapidly increasing its military might. The reason it escaped the prying eyes of reporters and experts was because the world was busy grappling with other more important stories such as Russia meddling into internal matters of Ukraine and the terror outfit called ISIS raising its tentacles across the world. No one bothered to cover the way in which China was moving ahead with its plans to bolster …

With the New Year wish your family and friends a happy new year and give each other a kiss or a hand. You also give each other the best wishes for the coming year. You wish each other a healthy year to because you’d like that that gene will be a good year. This tradition exists in all countries of the world.

Best wishes, you can also write a ticket. A ticket can be sent to family or friends that you do not see during the New Year. You can also send a ticket to business customers with the best wishes texts. This way you keep good contact with the customer what perhaps can provide revenue increase. A send takes very little money, but generates a lot of good feelings in those who receive a card with best wishes.

Wish your Friends Happy New Year 2015 With Wishes,Messages,Greetings

What you write on a card to someone to do the best wishes? On this page are the most commonly used texts to someone to do the best wishes. See on this page the best wishes lyrics top 20 and choose the best text to use on a map. Sending a New Year’s card is very simple. In a few simple steps you have made a card that is ready to be shipped. The next day is the ticket already in the recipient’s mailbox or on the doormat.

Sending best wishes on a card you can do for your family, friends, colleagues or customers. These are located abroad? Check out a foreign best wishes texts. There are also very nice best wishes texts in German , English , French , Italian , Polish or Spanish . Lives there anyone in Friesland? Then a look at the best wishes in the Frisian . Send people best wishes in their own language. This they will appreciate!

Best New Year Text Messaages to Wish your Friends On Whatsapp,Facebook

” A new year can start
with a big bag full of gold
But that has little value
if no one loves you “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” My best wishes for the new year
I can not predict the future
, but I want to tell you anyway
If I had the shots
came only joy in your path “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” Although the year did not run smoothly
and did some things very us
know, my door is always open for you
then we make it cozy: the next time! “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” May the new year
to all area
be a year
of which you say
it could take years “

***************happy new year 2015****************

” What 2015 will bring us
, we do not yet know
hope is there for everyone
something positive in ‘t offing “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” At 12 o’clock we lift up the glass and toast to each other:
“On a happy and healthy New Year!” “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

Best wishes for a New Year’s text Messages:

” A desire with a laugh
that day after day you
may know happiness together
in ‘t just started year “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” I, little person
have a wensje
been a while for you
Dear mama, daddy dear
, I wish you a very nice New Year “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” Light for each other
that is my wish for the new year “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” I wish you
a year full of joy
and sunshine
in which sadness
and worry
are two unknowns “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” The new year
is waiting around the corner
friends and family
come to visit
Everyone is ready
with a smile and a gift
to a good and healthy year “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” Remember ‘t old year
only the best days
and jump with new courage
into the unknown “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

Best Happy NewYear wishes for texts on cards:

” We wish you a new year
bubbly and sparkling,
radiant and beautiful,
healthy and happy,
carefree and beautiful! “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” The year 2015 will come but once past make it an even better year “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Healthy temper, and happiness with each other
, and we wish but once
peace for everyone “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” I wish you a Christmas full of peace
and a year without sorrow or misfortune.
May the days, weeks, months
are filled with love and laughter. “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” At a New Year’s wish to hear
, and sometimes even a fine feast,
why a lot of people
toasting with a glass of wine. “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

” With a new year’s wish hear
preferably full color and full of light,
which I bring you the best
with a cheerful and happy face. “

***************happy new year 2015*****************

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