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vegetables - side effects

Side effects of eating certain vegetables

Rana Kapoor-YES Bank

First C Rangarajan Award for Excellence in Banking Given to Rana Kapoor of Yes Bank

Did You Know?

A yellow curry powder with health benefits: Turmeric

Ancient Egyptian Medicine

The story of ancient Egyptians and their medicine

Primitive for today’s but revolutionary at their time, the study and practice of medicine in Ancient Egypt  showed great initiative and impressive knowledge of the human body , how it worked and the also involved the treatment of illness and disease.

The Egyptians were

An alternate drug therapy may reduce the chances of organ rejection: A new study

By Ruchira Dhoke

Transplantation is the act of transferring cells, tissues, or organs

Health Benefits of Bell Pepper

By Ruchira Dhoke

The peppers which are less pungent and are available in different colors

Vuzix M100 Smart glasses at CES to get into your eyes with more innovation

By Charanpreet Singh

As per the recent updating at CES 2015 in Las

Kailash Satyarthi dedicates His Noble Prize to Nation

By Sanjay Tandon

Kailash Satyarthi, Noble Peace Prize winner this year along with

12 Killed in a Terror Attack on Charlie Hebdo

By Sanjay Tandon

The Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a French magazine renowned