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Vuxzi M100 smart glasses

As per the recent updating at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, they are talking about what they have already created and about the new launch. There are various technologies which provide location intelligence across all over the screen including Samsung Gear S, smart phone apps for Window Phone, Android and very soon in moving towards iOS. There are millions of cars which get connected to the internet like BMW i3 and Mercedes S500 as one of the highly autonomous vehicle. Some of the enterprise applications are also gets included using ESRI GIS, SAP HANA and their own enterprise APIs.

They further added as they do not want to stop there as today maps are essential when we talk about any kind of hardware. So to step into the world of smart glasses, they come forward with Vuzix and participate in other fields also like industrial, retail, other businesses, material management and medical.


Two years ago, the Vuzix M100 won the CES innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award for Best of Innovations and was also gets selected as the Best Technology in the field of Wireless Handset Accessory category.

With the launch of Vuzix M100, it seems like having an Android smart phone but when we compare there is nothing in your hand. Every single thing can be operated on a small screen which is placed in front of your eye only with the help of your gestures. It already comes into existence with many of its pre-installed apps and also compatible with more than thousands of existing Android apps. Developers as per the demand, creates custom apps to suit virtually at the time of need.

As per its specifications is concerned, developers can make use of M100’s integrated head tracking and Bluetooth beacons. A GPS chip is also used to get the precise information about the location which shows the direction and angel of your current view and aware you about the complete location. When we talk about the mapping technology, the developers can create fully integrated and advanced mapping apps for M100.

According to the sources, when they talk about the features of M100, they said just like they develop unique features for smart phone apps, there are many unique features for custom-created apps for M100 such as detailed maps to download, online as well as offline drive and walk navigation in 118 countries, online as well as offline route planning and search near about 200 countries. With over 800 cities in more than 40 countries, M100 provides accessibility for online and offline public transit directions. Moreover, live traffic information availability for more than 40 countries around the world.

At the end, they further added that the most important thing about the apps is that apps can overlay custom data on the top of the maps and thus create location aware visualizations as must for enterprise use cases.

Now the question arises in which life style or work, you are going to use the M100 Smart Glasses for location capabilities?  Stay tuned for further details.

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