• Corporate Badminton League will now be an All India Tournament

    Corporate Badminton League will now be an All India Tournament

    Shikhar Events, which owns the brand called Corporate Badminton League (CBL), has plans to make this tournament an All India Tournament with teams representing corporates from all parts of the country. The 2nd edition of this tournament was recently held in Hyderabad with more than 450 Badminton players representing 108 companies like TCS, Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, HSBC, Capgemini, Polaris, Qualcom, and Invesco. So overwhelming was the response of the companies taking part in the tournament that Shikhar Events has decided to turn CBL into an All India Tournament from next year. 450 players from 108 companies participated in CBL this …
  • Axis Bank: Rewarding Loyal Customers with its eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program

    Axis Bank: Rewarding Loyal Customers with its eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program

    Axis Bank, which is the 3rd largest private sector bank of India, has extended its popular loyalty reward point program called eDGE to its customers holding Current Accounts and also to those having its Travel Cards. The aim of this program is to reward the loyal customers of the bank. By extending this reward program to current account holders, Axis Bank has become the first Indian bank to do so. Till now, customers having savings accounts in Axis bank availed the benefits of eDGE loyalty rewards program. These customers had to maintain a minimum quarterly balance of Rs. 25000 in …
  • Shrikant Sharma, BJP General Secretary, Slams Opposition Parties for their Issue less Politics

    Shrikant Sharma, BJP General Secretary, Slams Opposition Parties for their Issue less Politics

    The National General Secretary of the BJP, Shrikant Sharma, has issued a statement in response to the logjam in parliament and the coming together of regional parties under the umbrella called Janata Parivar.  Ha said that in a time when the country is moving ahead on the road of development under the strong and able leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, opposition parties are placing hurdles in this development process. It is really unfortunate that the opposition does not have any issues to counter the present BJP government and it is merely trying to divert the attention of the people of …
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    Heart Rate – The Number Of Heart Contractions A Minute

    The heart rate is one of our vital signs which give us measure of the number of times a minute that our heart contracts or beats. It varies from person to person: when we are at rest the heart rate is lower and it goes up with exertion, the purpose being to deliver more oxygen and energy that is required due to it. Our heart escalates under the influence of the hormone adrenaline also known as epinephrine, released in response to distress and to prepare us for a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. The pulse and the heart rate A pulse …
  • Health benefits of Oatmeal

    Health benefits of Oatmeal

    Oats or Avena sativa are a cereal commonly eaten in the form of oatmeal or rolled oats. Oats over the past few decades have become a very popular breakfast food for its high nutritious value and are mainly eaten as porridge, as cereals and in baked goods (oatcakes, oat cookies and oat bread). Oats are a pack house of dietary fiber more than any other grain and have a range of healthy cholesterol-lowering properties. Nutritional Status of Oats Dietary fiber: Beta-glucan is a specific type of dietary fiber present in oats which is known to help in lowering the levels …

This Diwali, Indians might have to compromise a little on the sweetness factor as the prices of almost every sweet and all dry fruits have rose to a never before level and the demand has also been soaring.

The dry fruit mithai and dry fruits will be a little heavy on pockets this year as their prices are being reported to be the highest this year.


The walnuts are costing Rs, 1,600 for the usual quality and Rs. 2,000 for the best quality.

Reporting straight from theMumbai’s Crawford Market, wholesaler of dry fruits and owner ofRoyal Foods and Namkeen, Virenbai, complains, “Dry fruits are expensive compared to last year. Almonds are available at Rs 730 a kilo which cost Rs 600 last year, cashew nuts at Rs 640 against Rs 550 and pistachios at Rs 850 against Rs 650.”

One of the factors that have added to the unusual price rise is the Political uncertainty in Jammu & Kashmir just ahead of elections.

Ashok Tewari, owner of Tewari Brothers, a 74-year-old company based in Kanpur says, “Almonds and walnuts are mainly procured from Kashmir and with the political uncertainty there, the availability is erratic and consequently, the prices have gone up.”

But he also adds that the high demand of dry fruits mithai has surprised him pleasantly. “I can’t fathom what the reason is for it though,” he comments.

Corporate gifting has also clearly avoided preferring dry fruits this year, owing to such high costs, the director of the 129-year-old Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick Sweets based in Kolkata, Sudeep Mullick. He says that most companies have preferred to gift mithai instead of dry fruits this year.

The sweets are however costing lesser in Kolkata than the rest of the country because there’s no tax on sweetmeats there. But despite the case being so, takers for dry fruits mithai have come down.

 “The daily sales at the store of 8-10 tons of sohan papadi, 2-2.5 tons of ladoos and 1 ton of barfis have not seen a corresponding increase in sales of sweets made of dry fruits,” said, MD, Haldiram Bhujiawala Ltd, Jaikishen Baheti from Kolkata.

Similarly, GR Singh at Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai Karachiwala, Mumbai says that the demand for dry fruits and mithai made from it has come down to 25 %. Another shop in Mumbai, American Dry Fruits store has also seen a 10 % drop in the same category of sweets.

Prices of sugar and oil:

Even though the prices of oil and sugar have come down, the prices of mithai continue to be higher than ever.

Many sweetmeat makers attribute this fact to the fact that since they prefer ghee to oil, the price of oil doesn’t really impact the prices of sweets.

“We use ghee, besan, mava, etc. in sweets. Have their prices come down?” asks Punjabi Ghasitaram Halwai Karachiwala’s GR Singh. “We use refined sugar and for us this drop in prices doesn’t matter at all,” says Tewari of Tewari Brothers.

One more factor that is not letting the prices come down is the high labour cost

 “As long as the cost of labor does not come down, do not expect prices of sweets to drop,” Singh asserts.
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