Dyslexia: A Learning Disability
Tiny Cloves With Giant Nutrition: Health Benefits
Diet To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check
Diet To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check
Resveratrol, A Compound Found In Red Wine Can Activate Stress Response To Promote Health Benefits: New Study
Heart Rate – The Number Of Heart Contractions A Minute
Health benefits of Oatmeal
health benefits of oats
Health Benefits of Macromineral Potassium
Macromineral Potassium

Dementia: A Serious Loss Of Cognitive Ability

By Ruchira Dhoke

A serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person which is beyond the normal aging is broadly termed as DEMENTIA.

Dementia is not a single disease, but


Health Benefits of Chamomile tea and its essential oils

By Ruchira Dhoke

Chamomile actually refers to a range of different daisy-like flowering plants with strong aroma, which are a member of the Asteraceae family. They are native to Asia, Europe, Australia and

Skin Cancer And Its Symptoms

Skin Cancer And Its Symptoms

By Ruchira Dhoke
“Skin cancer can be defined as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal skin cells which occurs when unrepaired DNA damage to skin cells (most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from sunshine

Are You An Alcoholic? Sign And Symptoms Of Alcoholism

By Ruchira Dhoke

“Alcohol is a pervasive fact of life, but an extraordinary fact, pleasurable and destructive, anathematized and adulated, and deeply ambiguous…the genie in the bottle.”

-The famous quote by Griffith Edwards whose


Health Benefits Of Juicy And Delicious Plums

By Ruchira Dhoke

Among the fruits like peaches, apricots and nectarines belonging to the genus Prunus and family Rosaceae , PLUMS exist in diverse shapes and colors with over 2000 different varieties.



Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

By Ruchira Dhoke

A heart attack strikes somebody in every 34 seconds and occur due to the lack or complete absence of oxygen supply to the heart muscle This happens because the arteries that


Reasons Not To Cry Over Onions: Health Benefits

By Ruchira Dhoke

Onions, the history of these flavored bulbs according to the National Onion Association can be traced back to prehistoric times.

They are believed to be originated in central Asia, in modern-day Iran

Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome: A Rare “Girls Only” Form Of Autism

By Ruchira Dhoke

Rett syndrome is a rare non-inherited genetic but a severe form of autism which many of us are unaware of. It mainly affects girls with symptoms that are often misunderstood

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