China on Road to Become the Military Superpower of the World
Military Superpower of the World
Many Measures have been Taken to Increase Investments
Many Measures have been Taken to Increase Investments
Expert Study Group being set up by the Government to Handle Cyber Crimes
cyber crime
RBI will Conduct Overnight Repo Auction for Rs 50000 Crores today under Liquidity Adjustment Facility
Tech Learning Centers Launched by State Bank of India for its Customers
Tech Learning Centres (TLCs)
Killing of Innocent People by Bodo Militants Strongly Condemned by Prime Minister
Corporate Badminton League will now be an All India Tournament
Corporate Badminton League
Axis-Bank-eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program

Axis Bank: Rewarding Loyal Customers with its eDGE Loyalty Rewards Program

By Sanjay Tandon

Axis Bank, which is the 3rd largest private sector bank of India, has extended its popular loyalty reward point program called eDGE to its customers holding Current Accounts and also

Shrikant Sharma

Shrikant Sharma, BJP General Secretary, Slams Opposition Parties for their Issue less Politics

By Sanjay Tandon

The National General Secretary of the BJP, Shrikant Sharma, has issued a statement in response to the logjam in parliament and the coming together of regional parties under the umbrella

Shri Suresh Prabhu

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Gives Directions to Formulate Integrated Cleanliness Policy

By Sanjay Tandon

Shri Suresh Prabhu, the Railways Minister, is in favor of an integrated cleanliness policy for not just the railway stations but also for the coaches of the trains. He has


Prime Minister Says He is Ready to Resign from His Post

By Sanjay Tandon

In an obvious reference to the controversial programs of fringe outfits of RSS stand the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised everyone when he said that he is not the

Arun Jaitley

GST will start to Show Results from Day One, Says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

By Sanjay Tandon

Speaking to the members of a parliamentary consultative committee made to suggest reforms on GST, the Finance Minster Arun Jaitley said that GST, when it comes into effect from 1

Mrs. Yasha Mudgal

District Election Officer Holds Talks with Candidates and Media

By Sanjay Tandon

Mrs. Yasha Mudgal, DEO for the district of Udhampur, to make sure that the counting of votes polled in the constituencies goes off smoothly, held a round of talks with

All India Debt and Investment Survey-RBI

RBI will Conduct Overnight Repo Auction for Rs 50000 Crores today under Liquidity Adjustment Facility

By Sanjay Tandon

The RBI has said that it will carry out overnight repo variable rate auction for an amount of Rupees 50000 crore today i.e. 22 Dec 2014 between 4:00 PM and

India-Germany-Green Energy Corridors

Green Energy Corridors Agreement worth Euro 525 million Signed with Germany

By Sanjay Tandon

New Delhi, 18 Dec 2014. Note of exchange was signed yesterday between Government of India and the Government of Germany to cooperate financially for the creation of Green Energy Corridors.


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