• Detention Notification of Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi Withdrawn, MEA to Take Up Issue with Pakistan

    Detention Notification of Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi Withdrawn, MEA to Take Up Issue with Pakistan

    Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the mastermind behind terror attack on Mumbai in 2008, has been granted bail by Islamabad High Court today and his detention notification has been suspended. This notification was issued by the government of Pakistan after he was released on 18 December on grounds of insufficient evidence in the trial that he was facing on charges of hatching a conspiracy for the terror attacks on Mumbai. Lakhvi had challenged his detention orders in Pakistan High Court. This news has caused a huge uproar in Indian political circles There has been uproar in India soon after the news of …
  • Health Benefits of Tomatoes

    Health Benefits of Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are sweet juicy and full of flavor. They are the integral part of cuisines all over the world.You can find them in variety of food like pastas, pizzas, ketchup, various beverages, and as an included flavor element in dishes from breakfast to dinner. Tomatoes: Nutrient dense “super food” Among all this they are also considered as a “functional food”,a food that goes beyond providing just basic nutrition due to its ability in preventing chronic diseases and delivering other health benefits. Hence daily consumption of tomatoes can provide you with a great boost to your health. They contain a good source …
  • Story behind Falling International Crude Oil Prices

    Story behind Falling International Crude Oil Prices

    Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, PPAC, announces international crude oil price of Indian basket every few days. The price announced on 26/12/2014 was $57.91 per bbl which was the same as announced on 24/12/2014. In Rupee terms though, every barrel of crude oil cost a bit more because of the downward slide of Indian Rupee against US Dollar. This price per bbl is now Rs 3685.39 as compared to Rs. 3674.97 announced two days ago. This is because Indian Rupee has plummeted to Rs. 63.64per USD while it was Rs. 63.46 per US Dollar on 24/12/2014. Prices have come down …
  • HRD Ministry Denies Having any Role in IIT Director Resignation

    HRD Ministry Denies Having any Role in IIT Director Resignation

    In a scenario where rumors were spreading about pressure having been applied by the government forcing IIT Delhi Director R K Shevgaonkar, HRD ministry has come out in defense and issued a press release. The statement aims to quash rumor mongering as it says that HRD ministry has no role in the sudden resignation of Mr. Shevgaonkar. It says that the name of HRD ministry is unnecessarily being dragged into this controversy when it had issued no directives to anyone in a fictitious matter that is factually incorrect. Media speculates that he has resigned under pressure from HRD Ministry Mr. …
  • Is PDP-BJP Alliance Like a Mixture of Oil and Water?

    Is PDP-BJP Alliance Like a Mixture of Oil and Water?

    With the results of the recently held assembly elections in J&K throwing up a fractured mandate, it has become a difficult scenario for both the PDP and the BJP, two political parties with highest number of seats. PDP has won 28 seats in 87 seat assembly while BJP has won 25 seats. This means that neither of them can hope to make the next government without the support of either each other or other parties with sizeable number of seats. Both parties are keeping their cards close to their chest and exploring their options. Both parties are weighing their options …

Shrikant Sharma

The National General Secretary of the BJP, Shrikant Sharma, has issued a statement in response to the logjam in parliament and the coming together of regional parties under the umbrella called Janata Parivar.  Ha said that in a time when the country is moving ahead on the road of development under the strong and able leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, opposition parties are placing hurdles in this development process. It is really unfortunate that the opposition does not have any issues to counter the present BJP government and it is merely trying to divert the attention of the people of the country towards meaningless issues.                                                                             

These parties are brand ambassadors of misrule and corruption

Shrikant Sharma said that after their debacle in the recent Lok Sabha elections, many regional political parties are trying desperately to save their standing in the masses. Four regional parties, namely the Samajwadi Party, Janata Dal (U), Janata Dal (S) and Rashtriya Janata Dal, are trying to unite in the name of Janata Parivar to forge an alliance. These four regional parties have no national policy and principles. In fact, the attempt to cobble together an alliance is a symbol of corruption, family based politics and misgovern.

These parties are trying to secure their lost vote banks

BJP General Secretary labeled the leaders of this so called alliance as brand ambassadors of misgovernance. He said that these are the leaders who have been completely rejected by the masses and they are either facing charges of corruption or have been convicted by the courts. By coming together, these leaders are trying to fool the people of the country. They are hoping that people would forget their misdeeds and forgive them. But they are wrong if they think that they would be able to get back their traditional vote banks.

Shrikant Sharma said,“This is not Janata Parivar. They are the corrupt who have been rejected by the people and it is a get-together of brand ambassadors of misgovernance. It is unfortunate that the opposition parties are unable to digest that the country is on the path of development and good governance initiated by Narendra Modi government. The issue-less opposition is acting as a road-blocker in the path of development, good governance and economic agenda of the government.”

BJP General Secretary criticized every single party

Talking about particular political parties, Shrikant Sharma said that people under the rule of this party in UP are badly oppressed because of nepotism and corruption. There have been dozens of communal riots under the rule of SP in UP in which innocent people have lost their lives. The situation of law and order in the state is very bad and the top leadership of SP is facing court cases of assets more than sources of income. Youth of UP is reeling under the problem of unemployment because of poor situation of education in the state. Farmers of UP are not getting required water and electricity and the party is busy celebrating the birthday of its leader instead of paying attention to the grievances of the people. This is why SP had to face such a poor result in the recent Lok Sabha elections. As far as RJD is concerned, people of Bihar still remember the Jungle Raj during its regime. The party was ousted from the state in assembly elections and it is desperate to somehow regain its footing in regional and national politics. Even JD (U) that rose to power in Bihar on the shoulders of BJP proved to be the other side of the coin and cheated the people of the state with its misrule and corruption.

All political parties coming under the umbrella of Janata Parivar have lost their credibility among the masses. The leaders of these parties talk about socialism but in practice work to promote the interests of their own family and kin. People of the country have understood their tactics and throwing dust in the eyes of the people in the name of socialism will not work anymore.

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