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    China on Road to Become the Military Superpower of the World

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    Many Measures have been Taken to Increase Investments

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Sunanda Pushkar, wife of former union minister Shashi Tharoor, was found dead in her room in Leela Hotel in New Delhi in mysterious circumstances in January this year. Delhi Police, despite its hard work and attempts to get down to the possible cause of death of this high profile socialite, has been unable to crack the case so far. Now all eyes are on what Delhi police does after it has received a 2nd medical report conducted by a board of doctors at the AIIMS. This report clearly indicates that a poisonous substance was used to kill Sunanda Pushkar though the doctors could not identify the kind of poison. In their report, doctors have made a mention of some poisons that are of radioactive nature. As these poisons cannot be tested in Indian labs, Delhi Police seems to have made up its mind to send the viscera samples of Sunanda Pushar to a foreign testing lab.

Shashi Tharoor wife

Delhi Police has requested the panel of doctors that conducted an examination of Sunanda’s viscera to come up with the names of poisons used for killing her. With no facility in Indian forensic labs to test radioactive isotopes, Delhi police feels that there is no other way to find out the exact identity of the poisons other than sending the viscera samples to a foreign country. In all probability, these samples will be sent to a UK based forensic testing facility that is renowned for its ability to identify all types of poisons.

Delhi police is now certain that Sunanda Pushkar died of poisoning. It is confident that it can trace the culprits behind this tragedy once it is known what poisons were used and how they got their way into the body of Sunanda Pushkar. The mobile phones and the laptop that were recovered from the hotel room are already being examined by cyber experts to see if any content from them was deleted after the death of Sunanda Pushkar. Delhi policae says that it has gathered a lot of information from the email ID’s of Sunanda Pushkar and IP addresses of certain people have been identified for further questioning.

Surprisingly, and Delhi Police has received a lot of flak from the people for it, not a single individual has been detained or quizzed by Delhi Police in this high profile case so far. In fact, policies did not even inspect the scene of the crime to gather circumstantial evidences. It seems that the fact that the name of a senior union minister was involved with this case served as a deterrent for Delhi Police.

Now that the police has woken up from its deep slumber (probably because of change of guard at the centre), there is hope that investigations would move in the right direction.

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