• China on Road to Become the Military Superpower of the World

    China on Road to Become the Military Superpower of the World

    There are many times when important stories related to foreign policy or national security get overlooked or ignored. This was the case this year when the world did not notice how China was rapidly increasing its military might. The reason it escaped the prying eyes of reporters and experts was because the world was busy grappling with other more important stories such as Russia meddling into internal matters of Ukraine and the terror outfit called ISIS raising its tentacles across the world. No one bothered to cover the way in which China was moving ahead with its plans to bolster …
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    Tiny Cloves With Giant Nutrition: Health Benefits

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    Diet To Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

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    Huawei’s Low cost and Smart Phablet: Ascend GX1

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  • Many Measures have been Taken to Increase Investments

    Many Measures have been Taken to Increase Investments

    According to the economic survey and also the Mid Year Economic Analysis (MYEA), it is very important to increase investments in economy to increase the rate of development. The ratio of investments to the gross domestic product of the country in the year 2012-13 at current market value was 34.8%. This statistic is available only till 2012-13. The rate of growth of GDP in the year 20113-14 at constant prices and factor cost was 4.7%. In the first half of the current year (2014-15), this growth has been 5.5%. String of measures taken to give a fillip  to economy To …

In a first of its kind case, 7 army men have been sentenced to life imprisonment by an army court for their role in the Machil fake encounter that took place at the LOC on April 30, 2010. The incident caused a huge unrest and violent demonstrations all across Kashmir valley for several months. This verdict by the army court has come as a big relief for not only the families of the 3 innocent youth who were brutally murdered by army personnel in the name of encounter but also reflects a positive shift in human rights record of the army involved in handling militant activities.

Life Imprisonment in Machil Fake Encounter Case

The incident took place four years ago in Kupwara sector where 3 unemployed Kashmiri youth were lured on the pretext of giving them jobs by army personnel. They were then shot dead in cold blood and passed as Pakistani militants by some army men. There was massive unrest in the valley following this incident and 124 people lost their lives in demonstration that were held in the months to follow. Court martial proceedings began in January this year and they were completed in September. The army court has found the army personnel involved in this case guilty on charges of plotting a conspiracy and then killing 3 innocent civilians. They have been also charged guilty for branding the dead bodies of these youths as Pakistani militants.

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When the news of this verdict reached the village of the 3 youths who were killed in this fake encounter, their families could not believe that justice had finally been delivered. They cried but rejoiced and said that they had lost all hopes of being given justice in this case. They say that now that army men involved in the killings have been punished, they want the civilians who lured the youths into the trap laid by the army personnel to be punished too.

Bashir Ahmad Lone, who was an informer of the state police, confessed before the magistrate that he gave 5000 Rupees each to the three boys and promised them more if they came to a specified place. Mohammad Shafi Lone, Riyaz Ahmad Lone, and Shahzad Ahmad Khan fell into the trap as they were promised jobs by this informer. They went to the LOC the next day where they were killed by the army personnel.

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This verdict by the army court signals a paradigm shift in the policy of the army towards local people as it clearly indicates that the trigger happy attitude of army men will not be tolerated anymore by the authorities. There was a time when the performance of the soldiers was judged on the basis of the number of militants they had killed. Now that militancy has all been crushed because of the pressure and the offensive launched by the army, incidents like these started to surface to indicate the frustration among the ranks to prove its worth in handling terrorism and militancy.

Chef Minster of J&K has expressed his happiness and satisfaction over the landmark judgment against army personnel. He said, ‘I hope we never see such Machil fake encounter type of incidents ever again and let this serve as a warning to those tempted to try.’

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