• Is PDP-BJP Alliance Like a Mixture of Oil and Water?

    Is PDP-BJP Alliance Like a Mixture of Oil and Water?

    With the results of the recently held assembly elections in J&K throwing up a fractured mandate, it has become a difficult scenario for both the PDP and the BJP, two political parties with highest number of seats. PDP has won 28 seats in 87 seat assembly while BJP has won 25 seats. This means that neither of them can hope to make the next government without the support of either each other or other parties with sizeable number of seats. Both parties are keeping their cards close to their chest and exploring their options. Both parties are weighing their options …
  • Samsung Z1 all set to be launched on 28th January in Indian Market

    Samsung Z1 all set to be launched on 28th January in Indian Market

    The foremost Tizen based smartphone – Samsung Z was suddenly cancelled as all Tizen partners completely backed out from this particular project. However, Samsung then decided to carry the development of Tizen. Initially, Samsung Z was expected to target high end devices but now it is anticipated for entry level handsets only. Upcoming Model #Samsung #Z1 powered by #Tizen model number Z130 INU (Full specifications -refer image) pic.twitter.com/pvV4ehUwL3 — Manish Khatri (@MAHESHTELECOM) December 25, 2014 Moreover, few days ago Samsung was supposed to launch its foremost inexpensive Smartphone, Samsung Z1, but that proved out to be one more missed deadline. …
  • Jharkhand to Have its First Non Tribal CM in Raghubar Das

    Jharkhand to Have its First Non Tribal CM in Raghubar Das

    Raghubar Das, MLA from Jamshedpur (E) constituency, was unanimously elected the leader of the BJP legislative party in a meeting of the newly elected MLAs in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand. This means that he will become the first non tribal Chief Minister of a state that boasts of a majority tribal population.  Union Health Minister, who was appointed an observer for Jharkhand to help in the election of the new leader, announced that Raghubar Das would be the next CM of the state. J P Nadda said, “I congratulate him and expect that the BJP alliance will now provide …
  • National Consumer Help lines to be set up

    National Consumer Help lines to be set up

    Ministry of Consumer Affairs has launched a scheme to set up Grahak Suvidha Kendras or help lines for the consumers all across the country. This is one more step in the direction of Good Governance and something that is in practice for a long time in developed countries in the western world. There will be a National Consumer Helpline in addition to State Consumer Help lines that are already working n 30 states of the country. These state consumer help lines will be brought under a portal called National Resource Centre Knowledge Resource Management Portal that will function under the …
  • Health Benefits: Thyme A Medicinal, Culinary And Ornamental Herb

    Health Benefits: Thyme A Medicinal, Culinary And Ornamental Herb

    One of the most popular herbs packed with numerous health benefiting phyto-nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are essential for a healthy being, THYME is native to the southern Europe and Mediterranean regions. It belongs to the family of Limiaceae, in genus Thymus, which includes many subspecies among which the most popular variety is Thymus vulgaris or French thyme. History Thyme had many uses in ancient times and was used for embalming in Ancient Egypt was used and as an incense in temples in Ancient Greece. It was also commonly added to bathwater. Thyme was used by the Romans for adding flavor to cheese and …

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Membership site is a great way of earning a steady profit. If you know your audience and what they want, then you can keep them happy while giving them numerous membership options.

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