• Government Inks Loan Agreement with ADB for Karnataka Integrated Urban Water Management Investment Program

    Government Inks Loan Agreement with ADB for Karnataka Integrated Urban Water Management Investment Program

    Central Government and Asian Development Bank today signed an agreement for loan of $75million as well as a grant of $1.8 million. This money will be used to improve the condition of water resource management in 3 areas of Karnataka that lie in Upper Tungabhadra basin.  This loan from ADB is a soft loan with duration of 25 years with an additional 5 year grace period. The first installment of money disbursed by ADB under this loan arrangement will be used to improve the quality of water supply in these areas of Karnataka. This money will be used to expand …
  • Prenatal Diet: Food Source Of Folic Acid For Pregnant Women

    Prenatal Diet: Food Source Of Folic Acid For Pregnant Women

    FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: Folic acid is a must!! Taking folic acid may help prevent certain birth defects. Folic acid only works if a woman takes it before and during early pregnancy. Take a multivitamin each day that has 400 micrograms of folic acid. Folic acid or vitamin B12 is needed by every cell in our body for normal growth anddevelopment. It is important especially for women of childbearing age take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day before and during early pregnancy, it may help reduce their baby’s risk for birth defects of the brain and spine called the neural …
  • Government Pushes Land Reforms through Ordinance, Opposition Cries Foul

    Government Pushes Land Reforms through Ordinance, Opposition Cries Foul

    With the opposition stalling proceedings in the Rajya Sabha continuously, not allowing the normal functioning of the parliament, Modi government had no option but to resort to ordinances to continue on its path of reforms.  Government yesterday passed an ordinance to amend the land acquisition law. This is a law that has often been accused of stalling the process of development. This amendment will ease the process of land acquisition and speed up the process of development in crucial areas such as defense, infrastructure, housing, and setting up of industrial corridors. Government will not bow down to the pressure tactics …
  • Sleep tight at night to stay healthy

    Sleep tight at night to stay healthy

    Do you find it difficult to fall asleep even if the clock shows 2 a.m.? And even if you manage to get some sleep in the wee hours, you feel restless the whole day. There is a great enigma involved around “Sleep”.We still haven’t got the answer to exactly why we sleepalthough we keep reading and hearing about it every day. But the fact that we all know about sleep is that it is one of the cornerstones of health.Six to eight hours per night seems to be the optimal amount of sleep an adult should ideally have, and too …
  • Government Sets Target of 1% Share in Global Tourism Arrivals

    Government Sets Target of 1% Share in Global Tourism Arrivals

    Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State of Tourism has said that government has set a target of achieving 1% of global tourist traffic by next year. He was addressing the audience at a national workshop organized on the theme of Make in India in New Delhi today. Dr. Sharma is of the view that India is a very large country with great diversity and beautiful topography and the present influx of tourists every year is pretty dismal. He said that the target of 1% set by government of India is realistic and can be easily achieved but it requires a …

National Consumer Help lines

Ministry of Consumer Affairs has launched a scheme to set up Grahak Suvidha Kendras or help lines for the consumers all across the country. This is one more step in the direction of Good Governance and something that is in practice for a long time in developed countries in the western world. There will be a National Consumer Helpline in addition to State Consumer Help lines that are already working n 30 states of the country. These state consumer help lines will be brought under a portal called National Resource Centre Knowledge Resource Management Portal that will function under the auspices of Indian Institute of Public Administration. IIPA will serve as the nodal agency for these state help lines as it will not only train the counselors but also coordinate the activities of various state consumer help lines. IIPA will also serve as a common knowledge source to tackle frequently encountered queries and problems.

Centers would be made in the following cities in different parts of India

Government is making concerted efforts to provide a common IT platform and also to develop a mechanism to have a toll free number to listen to the grievances of the consumers and to solve their problems. The Department of Consumer Affairs has sought help from voluntary organizations to come forward and provide help in running consumer help line centers in different parts of India.


Area City
North Lucknow/Chandigarh
South Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad
West Jaipur/Ahmadabad/Pune
East Bhubaneswar/Patna/Kolkata
North East Guwahati/Shillong
Central Raipur/Bhopal
National Capital New Delhi


  1. The centers proposed in these cities will serve as a one stop solution for looking after consumer grievances and provide a broad range of services to the consumers.
  2. Consumers will receive counseling on redressal of their grievances and they will also receive help in getting to the appropriate forum to register their complaints
  3. These centers will take up complaints from the consumers on behalf of the government of India and will be authorized to talk to respective manufacturers, companies, and service providers.

Apart from these centers serving as consumer help lines, central government has many more programs up its sleeve to empower consumers. Government is planning to constitute an inter ministerial group to plan and advocate policies in 7 important sectors like health, housing, food, agriculture, transport, financial services, and consumer products. This group will hold discussions on formulating quality standards and enforcing them on food, water, and garbage disposal. This will be in line with drives adopted by the government such as Swachh Bharat and Make in India. This group will also look to include more and more products and services under mandatory quality standards.


Government is also planning to curb the practice of misleading advertisements by constituting an inter-ministerial committee. This committee will ask all state governments to initiate actions against manufacturers resorting to false and misleading advertisements to attract more customers. This initiative by the government is expected to prevent exploitation of consumers.  Government will also

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