• Prime Minister Modi Meets Bangladesh President Md. Abdul Hamid

    Prime Minister Modi Meets Bangladesh President Md. Abdul Hamid

    PM Narendra Modi today met Md. Abdul Hamid, the President of Bangladesh who had called upon the PM in his office. PM said that he was honored and pleased to meet His Excellency Abdul Hamid. During the meeting, PM Modi praised the efforts of Mr. Hamid in Liberation War of Bangladesh. He said it was an honor for him to host a hero of this war (Mukti Jodha) during a week when Bangladesh is celebrating the anniversary of its War of Liberation. There were long and fruitful talks on bilateral issues The two leaders talked about various matters concerning India …
  • Storage Condition of 85 Important Indian Reservoirs as on 18/12/2014

    Storage Condition of 85 Important Indian Reservoirs as on 18/12/2014

    95.081 BCM is the water storage in 85 of the most important water reservoirs of India as on 18 December 2014. This is 61% of the capacity of the reservoirs. This water storage is 84% of the storage in the corresponding period in 2013 but close to 98% of average water storage in the last decade. The present level of water stored in these reservoirs is much less than water stored last year and also less than average water stored in these reservoirs over a period of last 10 years. Monitoring of water status in these reservoirs is carried out …
  • Lok Sabha Passes Resolution against Lakhvi Bail, PM Says India’s Dismay Conveyed to Pak in Strong Words

    Lok Sabha Passes Resolution against Lakhvi Bail, PM Says India’s Dismay Conveyed to Pak in Strong Words

    Lower house of Indian Parliament today passed a resolution against granting of bail to Pakistani terrorist Zaki ur-Rehman Lakhvi. He is believed to be the mastermind behind dastardly attack on Mumbai by terrorists on 26/11/2008 in which 166 people were killed. This resolution condemns this bail in strong words and asks Indian government to take every possible step to pressurize government of Pakistan in order to bring to justice the culprits behind these terror attacks. The resolution took less than half an hour to be drafted The resolution that was drafted quickly, showed unanimity among the MPs cutting across party …
  • ‘Staying safe was never this easy, Say thanks to the Guardian App’

    ‘Staying safe was never this easy, Say thanks to the Guardian App’

    With the escalating crime against women in India, Guardian app was formerly developed to help the sufferers of Indian society. But, violence against women doesn’t only have a home only in India, it take place in all countries. Therefore Guardian app is accessible as a gizmo that can be used worldwide by anyone who wants to feel safe and sound and sheltered after realizing that their family, friend members and other well-wishers can track them in real time when the person is in jeopardy. You can click on SOS to start SOS notification. Turn the Track Me on to track …
  • “Overseas market continued global expansion goal’ – Quotes Xiaomi

    “Overseas market continued global expansion goal’ – Quotes Xiaomi

    In a recent Patents in China, the smart phone manufacturer Xiaomi betrothed himself in ponder by restating that Micah was still vigorously embark rely on foreign market. In an ‘Information and Communication (ICT) Innovation Forum  held in Beijing China World Hotel, Wu Hai Tao, Xiaomi Mi deputy vice said that ‘ Xiaomi is pushing to enter the international market in will have to face a lot of challenges, “said’ (Xiaomi pushing) intellectual property without the growth period much longer, but internationalization, globalization goals.’ Wu vice ‘Over the last three decades of US patent application Xiaomi amount to 2,000 per month …

Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, has issued a missive to all ministries and departments in a bid to clamp down on study tours and training programs. In its circular dated 25 November 2014, government has clearly stated that prior approval of Screening Committee of Secretaries will be essential for all such tours irrespective of the rank of the officers and ministers. The actual wording o this memorandum is as follows.


What the memorandum says

Instructions have been issued by this Department from time to time on the need to curtail expenditure on foreign travel. In recent months it has been observed that Ministries/Departments have been proposing Foreign Study Tours (FSTs) of large delegations of officers as a part of training programmes. In keeping with the Government’s drive on economy and rationalization of expenditure and to have an objective assessment of such FSTs, it has been decided that prior approval of the Screening Committee of Secretaries would be required for all FSTs of delegations exceeding 5 members (irrespective of level/rank of officers), where Government of India is funding such tours and which are part of career training programme(s) or stand alone tours or otherwise.

Past instances of tours on frivolous ground have forced the government to take this step

Many instances of officials going abroad on the pretext of study tours have come into light in recent times, costing the exchequer heavily. These instances have been highlighted by the media to bring a bad name for the government. This is why the central government has decided to place restrictions on foreign tours on frivolous. Now all officers irrespective of their rank will have to secure permission from SCOS to go on a tour abroad.

All tours involving more than 5 members have to get approval from SCOS

This memorandum makes it clear that prior approval of the SCOS would be mandatory for all foreign tours where the number of delegations exceeds 5. This order is applicable on all such tours that are funded by government of India. This order is in line with the policies of this government that focuses on cutting down expenditure that is non essential. According to inside sources, central government aims to rationalize expenditure in keeping with its economy drive. Prime Minister Modi and his cabinet has decided to make an objective assessment of study and training tours to cut down on government expenditure.

Government has been announcing austerity measures in the recent past to give signals to its officers. Among these are the ban on first class travels and restricting foreign trips by officials to maximum 4 in a year. In fact, Modi government has asked its officers to explore the possibility of taking part in overseas events with the help of video conferencing. Modi government, soon after its formation, had passed an order that required officials to submit a proposal of their foreign trip 10 days in advance. They were also asked to submit a list of tasks they accomplished on such a foreign trip.

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