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What-Type-of-Images-will-Make Your Blog-Posts-More-Interesting?

How to Increase Your Revenue via Remarketing

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

The easiest way to bring people back to your site is through remarketing which is an established marketing technique. Targeted users who earlier visited your website tend to come back


How to Make Your Membership Site Successful?

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

You can always earn money from your blog but that amount is never going to be a fixed one. It is always better to go for membership site to have


20 Tasks to Perform Before Starting a Blog

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

People when start writing blogs, they often face this misconception that their first blog itself will take them to places. Traffic will just flow in and they will have a

3D  character with laptop and blog sign

16 Must Have Things on Your Blogs

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

You might spend a lot of time reading other blogs but if you want new, creative ideas then blogs written by other people are a great source. It is perfectly


How Can You Use Long Tail Keywords to Achieve Desired SEO Results

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

SEO is a fast-changing domain and SEO professionals need to continuously follow the latest trends and new algorithmic updates to help achieve the best results. There are several important aspects


How can you Start a Free Blog

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

People have started asking questions as to why we need to blog anymore. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have become so famous that not many think of blogging as a fruitful activity


What are the Types of Blog People Love to Read?

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

People keep thinking about new ideas for coming up with a next great post. They want readers to love their work but cannot even start writing. If you are still


7 Lies not to be Believed Regarding SEO

By Bhattarai Chiranjeevi

Change is not only the truth of life but also SEO. The usage of SEO is ever evolving, hence even after so many years it is difficult to figure out


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