Central Public Works Department, popularly known as simply CPWD, has surprised everyone with announcement of its maintenance charter. CPWD looks after maintenance of hundreds of thousands of government offices and residential units across the country. The maintenance charter was introduced by Union Urban Development Minister Shri Venkaiah Naidu. This charter is an attempt to not only streamline procedures but also make this large organization accountable and more transparent.

CPWD looks after maintenance of residential as well as commercial building all over India

More than 176,000 houses and 225,000 square meters of commercial space are under contract of this huge public works department. With the introduction of maintenance charter, people will know beforehand the time frame within which their particular complaint will be served by CPWD. Some important yet small complaints such as choking of drains, interruptions in electricity and water supply etc will be looked within 6 hours of receiving the complaint. From now on, minor complaints will be completed within 3 days while major complaints would be completed within 60-75 days depending upon their size and complexity.

Some of the most important buildings looked dafter CPWD for construction and repair are President’s Estate, Supreme Court, Parliament, major hospitals, airports, colleges, and sports complexes around the country. The following are the important details of this maintenance charter announced by CPWD.


Sr. No. Type of complaint Time frame
1 Emergency services including restoration of electricity and water supply, unblocking of drains, plant watering, replacement of faulty switches, manholes etc 6 hours
2 Minor complaints including overflowing water, clearing of drains, plumbing works, internal wiring etc 3 days
3 Major complaints including repair of doors and windows, internal wiring etc 30 days
4 Fixed services that are periodic such as whitewashing cleaning of water tanks etc 60 days
5 Major works involving safety and security of buildings such as renovation of  quarters (from Type I to Type IV) 60 days
6 Renovation and repair of quarters from Type V and above 75 days


For the fiscal year 2014-15, a budget of Rs. 1202 crores has been earmarked for the projects undertaken by CPWD.

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